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Red Dead’s outlaws to be banned

Submitted by on Monday, 23 August 20105 Comments

One upon a time in a video game, outlaws ruled the roost, but that was before Rockstar came to town and declared war on these cheaters and rogues. Yes, as of tomorrow, everyone identified with a hacked save game on their console will run the risk of being kicked off Red Dead Redemption’s multi-player forever.

Rockstar has a list of profiles which they know have been using hacked save files, and if these users do not delete their save games before tomorrow they will receive a swift banning.

Rockstar issued the threat in a strongly worded email sent out to registered users:

“Starting on Tuesday, August 24th – we will be swiftly and indefinitely banishing from the world of Red Dead Redemption multi-player all Gamertags and PSN IDs we’ve detected with hacked save games.

Such cheating is a clear violation of our code of conduct, and punishable at our sole discretion.

Cheating is not big or clever and if you’re foolish enough to lose access to Red Dead Redemption’s awesome multi-player, then you have only yourself to blame. You have been warned. It’s quite lenient of Rockstar to even warn the cheaters beforehand. They say they want to give these outlaws one “last chance for Redemption” to restore their “Honor”.

Spread the world everyone: justice is coming to town.

[Source: CVG]