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First screenshots for Heavy Rain Move Edition

Submitted by on Friday, 6 August 20104 Comments

One of the biggest Move supported games this year is Heavy Rain, and today Sony published the first official screenshots for the title to show how the Move support will work.

Heavy Rain Move Edition is due out before the end of the year, but if you already have Heavy Rain then you’ll get a free update which is very welcome.

Pick it up?

Sony claim Move support will “put yourself at the heart of the story more than ever before”, but we have yet to be proven if Move support will improve the game for the better.

This is harder than it looks

Admittedly from these screenshots it is hard to grasp exactly how this game plays with Move, but it seems to require the use of button combos in some instances rather than simply just using motion by waving the controller.

Don't mess with me! I have a Move!


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