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Square Enix explains how to play Mindjack

Submitted by on Thursday, 12 August 2010No Comment

Square Enix has released new screenshots and a gameplay tutorial explaining how to play Mindjack, a new online shooter developed by feelplus inc.

We haven’t heard much about Mindjack since its initial announcement trailer at E3 (linked above). It looks like Square Enix is getting ready to reveal more of the game as we get closer to its October 2010 release.

Mindjack seems to be an interesting and confusing title. The single player campaign is seemlessly integrated into the online play, which allows for a persistent cooperative and competitive experience. There is support for six players and those in your game will be split into two teams. Those on the blue team are on your side and will help you on your missions. The players on the red team, however, are trying to stop you.

Throughout Mindjack you assume the role of a Mind Hacker that can control enemies by jacking into their minds. As you play the game you’ll gain experience points that will allow you to upgrade your abilities and stats to your choosing, allowing for customisable characters.

In the gameplay tutorial below you’ll see that you can hack into the minds of enemies and even vehicles. Basic gameplay functions seen in most third-person shooters are all present. There’s a cover system, you can dash, and obviously, you can shoot people in the face. The biggest difference comes from the mind hacking gimmick. If your character dies, there is no respawning. Instead, you can get back into the battlefield as long as there is a mind to hack into and control. The mind slaving ability allows you transform an enemy into an ally controlled by an AI.

No story elements are revealed in the tutorial, unfortunately.

Mindjack is expected to release in October. We’ll keep you updated once more information becomes available.