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Time Crisis: Razing Storm’s online multiplayer might be something worthwhile

Submitted by on Thursday, 19 August 20102 Comments

Time Crisis: Razing Storm isn’t just an on-rails shooter. The latest screenshots gives us a glimpse at how deep the multiplayer modes might be, complete with stats and perks that are ripped straight out of Call of Duty 4.

Razing Storm, the latest arcade shooter from Namco with the Time Crisis named plopped onto it, wasn’t exactly the most impressive title at E3. The controls worked as they should, but the gameplay just didn’t feel like Time Crisis.

However, there’s tons of value in this package thanks to the inclusion of Time Crisis 4 arcade and Deadstorm Pirates, all which have support for the GunCon 3 and PlayStation Move. Be sure to read our preview for more impressions.

Time Crisis 4’s FPS mode wasn’t exactly anything to be proud of. Namco isn’t giving up though. Time Crisis: Razing Storm will feature a first person shooter mode with support for up to eight players online.

The online gametypes are pretty standard for the genre. You can compete in deathmatches, team deathmatches, and capture missions. Yeah, it’s a bit unoriginal and boring. What’s interesting is that you can play this mode using a Dual Shock 3, PlayStation Move, or GunCon 3 if you so desired.

The online mode appears to have perks and stats that seem eerily familiar to anyone that has played a modern shooter, most notably, Call of Duty. You can level up and equip yourself with different weapons to use and skills that will probably give you an unfair advantage over everyone else. It’s nice to know that Namco is at least trying to bring some depth into the online multiplayer.

It's not exactly a visual delight but if the gameplay is solid...

Razing Storm will also include Sentry mode, an offline multiplayer mode with support for up to four players. There’s apparently a Prison Break going on and you have to stop all the convicts from escaping. The person with the most points wins. It sounds like a fun diversion.

Namco is really putting everything they can into this game. In addition Time Crisis 4 arcade, Deadstorm Pirates, online and offline multiplayer modes, there’s the traditional arcade mode which supports two players simultaneously offline and a new free-roaming single player story mode. This is a deal that fans should not miss out on.

Time Crisis: Razing Storm will be available on October 19th in North America.

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