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Tony Hawk: Shred announced, includes snowboarding

Submitted by on Sunday, 8 August 20103 Comments

After the complete disaster of a game that was Tony Hawk: Ride, Activision hope to turn things around for the franchise that is now second best to Skate.

Tony Hawk: Shred has been announced as the next instalment for the series. There is very little that we know about this game right now but two pieces of key information has been revealed.

What comes as a big surprise is that for the first time in the series’ history, the title will include Snowboarding! If you’re in the know like us then you’ll almost certainly agree that this is an obvious move to counteract the recent news that Shaun White’s next game will also include Skateboarding.

Now you will probably be asking us whether the game will adopt the infamous Ride control peripheral, and like it or not it will. In Activison’s financial report, they conceded that it took far longer than expected to master the hardware, leaving less time to focus on the software side causing the actual game to suffer greatly.

We wait to see whether it will be second time lucky for Activison and Tony Hawk who will rely on the game becoming a success for hope of keeping the franchise alive.