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Top 50 funniest tweets by Kevin Butler (April-July)

Submitted by on Friday, 6 August 20105 Comments

Kevin Butler has been the face of every PlayStation 3 commercial in the United States for over a year now. But his great success expands beyond the TV screens because he is also knows his way round Twitter.

Last March we compiled a list of the top 30 tweets of all time by @TheKevinButler. It was such a success that we decided to bring it back with all his 50 best tweets from the end of March to the end of July! BOOM!

So lets get to it started from number one:

  1. Some lady had yapping lap dog on our flight. It was brutal. Even the crying baby was giving her the stinkeye.
  2. Hey guy camping out in the PlayStation bathroom stall. That better have been a vuvezela I heard. #DontGoInThere
  3. There’s no believable way to tell someone “the elevator smelled this way when I got in it.” They act like they believe you. But they don’t.
  4. Someone just asked how long it took me to get out of a cubicle. Foolish tester, I was immaculately conceived in a corner window office.
  5. Ironically, when I wear shorts my body temperature goes up, not down.
  6. I’m the hot girl you were doing the robot with in PlayStation Home.
  7. Taking a dip in the lap pool is a great way to get skinny. Taking a skinny dip in the lap pool is a great way to get arrested.
  8. Luckily playing The Fight with co-workers just as satisfying and without the whole “Fireable Offense” thing. #PSmove
  9. My “KB fitness 2010” program is finally stating to pay off – I think. I’m not sure whether these are pecs or moobs.
  10. Attention lady at the airport full body x-ray machine. Applause is fine. Giggling, not so much.
  11. Not to go out on a limb here, but ModNation is my favorite nation of all the nations. Sorry, Libya.
  12. I just closed a three-page document without saving. I remember every word.
  13. PlayStation b-ball last night. An intern almost blew out his Achilles. I clapped my hands together and fixed it, Miyagi style
  14. The Tour is really heating up. I haven’t seen so much colored spandex since I took those step classes back in the 90’s.
  15. If gamers ran the gov’t, healthcare reform would consist of health packs and power-ups placed in dark corners and behind stuff.
  16. Dear interns, please close my office door when you’re done bringing my sales reports. I don’t want any awesomeness to leak out.
  17. I can’t comment on rumors or speculation. However, the chances of a PS3 BieberBundle will depend on trending topics.
  18. Just got back from my 5 year old nephew’s t-ball game. Man, those kids are sloppy. Errors all over the place.
  19. Help me pick out some frames for my custom 3D glasses. I want something that’s intimidating but still flatters my face.
  20. I sometimes wear amber tinted safety glasses when I play a fps. Just helps me get into it.
  21. Just had a beer with Sweet Tooth. For a homicidal clown whose head is on fire, he’s pretty down to earth.
  22. Looking into getting 3D lenses as part of my laser eye surgery next week. Seems doable.
  23. Last night a guy came to my door to sell me magazines. I sold him a PS3. #KBStillGotIt
  24. I hear Kratos vacations in Maui. He lays out on the beach with a Mai Tai in one hand and a decapitated head in the other.
  25. I don’t tan, so during the summer I just wear lighter colored shirts and up the carrot juice.
  26. ATTN Swedish furniture warehouse employees: if a bathroom is for display purposes only, how about a bigger sign?!?#DontGoInThere
  27. Jack Tretton and I wore the same shirt today. So, I had to go shirtless in the status meeting to break the tension.
  28. The Video Game Hall of Fame just asked me to donate the shirt I wore at #E3 to their collection. Be careful, it reeks of win.
  29. What’d I think of Killzone 3 in 3D? Let’s just say The VP of Soiling Oneself in Excitement approves.
  30. Scraps just transformed Take Your Dog to Work Day into Apologize for Ruining the Hallway Carpet Day.
  31. I’m not going to say E3 was crazy, but I just wrote the words “dwarf centaur” on my expense report.
  32. Today’s my birthday and once again the whole country is celebrating by blowing stuff up. #BOOMtothepowerofBOOM
  33. Did you know June is National Accordion Awareness Month? No? Then you must’ve missed Accordion Awareness Month awareness month.
  34. Put a fork in #E310. Thx 4 all the speech love. Especially u folks up front. I was “this close” 2 doing an impromptu crowdsurf.#gamersrule
  35. I just found an old breakup tape from my High School girlfriend. Careless Whisper FTW.
  36. Took Scraps to the dog park. For a guy with the “li’l snip” he’s quite the lady killer.
  37. There is gum under my desk that is not my flavor. Marcy? I want answers.
  38. What’s life like as Kevin Butler? The girl at the coffee shop just gave me extra whipped cream. For free. #ThugLife.
  39. I would like to announce that I’m donating all proceeds from my BOOM™ trademark to the Marcy Go Get Me a Coffee Fund.
  40. Marcy, I’m glad Secretary’s Day is now Administrative Professional’s Day. “Secretary” was so demeaning. Now go pick up my dry cleaning.
  41. I’m ready to watch the #TourDeFrance. I feel good. I’ve been training to watch it since October.
  42. I’m not sure what is more unsettling: my mom following me on Twitter, or my lawyer following me on Twitter.
  43. When I’m framing a photo of Jack Tretton, I prefer a 2″ matte with a beveled window in a nice eggshell hue. It really brings it together.
  44. If there’s one thing #NaughtyBear has taught me it’s this: when camping, avoid the adorable bear with the machete.
  45. I’m not going to say the ending to inFamous is a shocker, but… wait til you see that… shocker? Unintentional electricity pun FTW.
  46. Lulz at whoever hung the “PS3 Flanboy” sign on my office door. Bigtime lulz.
  47. Since the questions keep coming, yes I used to be an actor. But a 12-week direct mail business degree later, I’m a VP. So there.
  48. God of War 3 is great, but it could use more blood. I only threw up twice.
  49. KB’s Bad Video Game Pitch of the Day: An enraged carpet salesman seeks his vengeance upon his bearded boss. I call it “God of Floor”.
  50. You should have to pass a test before you can bring homemade baked goods into the office. Was that cookie oatmeal or paste?

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