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Alundra and Arc the Lad rated by the ESRB as PSone Classics

Submitted by on Thursday, 16 September 20102 Comments

Alundra and Arc the Lad have been re-rated by the ESRB. It looks like these two classic titles will be heading to the PlayStation Network sometime soon.

Alundra and Arc the Lad have been available in Japan for quite some time. Unfortunately, the original team that localized and published both games in the US (Working Designs) has been long gone. It seemed like a North American release was never going to happen. Then someone noticed that the ESRB re-rated both games for the PS3 and PSP. Hope has been restored!

Alundra is an amazing action RPG that really deserves to be replayed by everyone. The gameplay is similar to the old Zelda series. You’ll feel right at home if you recently played 3D Dot Game Heroes. The game is no push over either. Some of Alundra’s puzzles are known for being notoriously difficult. Don’t be surprised if you have to use a guide. If you’re a fan of the genre this is a must-have.

Arc the Lad is a tactical Role Playing Game that was only available in North America through the Arc the Lad Collection released in 2002 for the PS1. What’s interesting is that the ESRB didn’t rate the collection. Does this mean that Sony is going to sell each game in the trilogy separately?

It’s unknown when these two games will be released. It could be a week from now or it could be months away. Regardless, it’s just great to know that these games are coming to the PSN.


What’s interesting is that Arc the Lad was rated as a lone title.