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Batman: Arkham City screenshots are face punchingly good

Submitted by on Thursday, 2 September 201021 Comments

Holy awesome screenshots, Batman!

The first batch of Arkham City screenshots shows us the new Harley Quinn, Catwoman, and Two-face. Of course, we also get to see Batman doing what he does best. And that’s beating up random thugs.

We can clearly see expansive environments in these screens. It’s really unclear just how open this game will be. Perhaps the setup will be similar to what you’d find in Metal Gear Solid 4. These could just be large environments with tons of freedom, but with a determined path at the end.

The graphics are unbelievably good. Sure, Arkham Asylum looked great, but this is just too much. Don’t be surprised if these screenshots were touched up. Look at Batman’s cape as he’s gliding. There’s no way it can look that good. Let’s hope Rocksteady can prove us wrong.

Batman: Arkham City is expected to release in the Fall of 2011. We still have quite a ways to go until we can get our hands on this game. Profound Sadness.