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Battle vs Chess gets an epic new trailer

Submitted by on Thursday, 9 September 20104 Comments

Will you die a pawn, or reign as king?

This trailer doesn’t really reveal anything but it’s still full of win. Have you ever seen a chess game this epic before? Didn’t think so.

Aside from the impressive presentation, Battle vs Chess features a campaign mode with over 50 puzzles and scenarios, a full-fledged tutorial, and multiple gameplay modes that go beyond the traditional game of chess.

One game variation is called “Madness Placement” and this randomly places chess pieces all across the board. The other option is “Tactical Placement” and this lets you to place pieces wherever you want, which is completely hidden from your opponent until the match begins.

If traditional strategies aren’t your thing then you’ll want to try the “Duel” and “Slasher” game modes. Duel mode is a head-to-head battle mode using quick time events, while Slasher is more of an action oriented battle mode where chess pieces go all out fighting. Let’s hope that it plays as interesting as it sounds.

Battle vs Chess hits store shelves on September 28th in North America.

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