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Battle vs Chess gets a September release date

Submitted by on Wednesday, 1 September 20108 Comments

The game of chess just got a whole lot more interesting.

Developed by TopWare Interactive and Gaijin Entertainment, Battle vs Chess aims to redefine the game of chess while retaining its core fundamentals. Gone are the boring white and black chess pieces that we’re all so familiar with. In this game, the army of light faces off against the demonic army of darkness.

The chess pieces are given a facelift with 3D models and animations. You’ll be able to witness the war between light and darkness thanks to the battle animations that occur in-game. You can even control the battle for yourself in an optional mini-game.

Battle vs Chess features a robust campaign mode with over 50 puzzles and scenarios to play through. Don’t know how to play chess? You’re in luck. This game also includes a full-fledged tutorial mode.

Battle vs Chess hits store shelves on September 28th for $39.99. For whatever reason, the PC version is only $19.99. That doesn’t seem too fair…