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Blade Kitten demo gameplay video and impressions

Submitted by on Wednesday, 22 September 20103 Comments

Blade Kitten is now available in North America and we have some impressions and a gameplay video to share. Meow.

In Blade Kitten you play as Kit Ballard, a bounty hunter catgirl with a magical sword. A rival bounty hunter destroys Kit’s ship, steals a breaker key, and then makes a run for it. And so the game of cat and mouse begins.

The controls are simple. You use X to jump, square to attack , circle for long range attacks, L2 to grab, and R2 to sprint. Throughout the demo you’ll have to use every move in Kit’s arsenal. What’s neat is that she can climb on walls, walk on ceilings, and perform acrobatic jumps with ease.

This game has some pretty floaty movement. It takes Kit a few seconds to start running and she tends to slide around when making sharp turns. When you’re playing a 2D platformer, refined gameplay is key. It’s apparent right from the start that Blade Kitten’s gameplay could be tightened up.

You can’t even change the controls so that movement is done with the d-pad. That’s right, you’re stuck using the analog stick for the entire game. Due to this, performing Kit’s slide technique (down + X) is more annoying than it should be. Even doing Ryu Hayabusa’s famous wall jumps are a pain because of the analog stick. You’ll just never get the precision you’d expect from a platformer. Why couldn’t the developers assign the weapon select to something other than the d-pad?

What’s great about Blade Kitten is that it encourages exploration. There’s tons of secrets to find and climbing around looking for them is a lot of fun. It’s a throwback to classic titles and fans of 2D platformers will love it. The combat is good enough to get the job done but it’s nothing particularly worthwhile. Just mash on the square button and you’ll do fine.

The demo is surprisingly long. You’ll get about 15 minutes of playtime your first time through and that’s pretty awesome. There are 19 levels in the full version of the game. If the level from the demo is any indication, it seems like this game will last you awhile.

Blade Kitten is now available on the PlayStation Network in North America for $14.99. Have you played it yet? What did you think?