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DiRT 3 will share some F1 2010 components

Submitted by on Monday, 27 September 20105 Comments

If you’ve been keeping an ear to the wire about F1 2010, you’ll know that it’s being pretty well received by both the gaming media and the public.  If you remember back to 2009, you may also remember the resounding success DiRT 2 had.  We found out recently that the two series share some common traits, aside from just success.

Both titles are being developed by Codemasters and they both use the Ego Engine.  Because of that, the developers working on DiRT 3 have the option to take whatever pieces of code they want from F1 2010.  Speaking to CVG, Lead Designer, Stuart Hood, and Senior Producer, Paul Jeal, had this to say about what DiRT 3 might share with F1 2010:

“They’re certainly taking the weather system. If they have pit-stops in DiRT they’ll have that as well.  There’s quite a few memory savings and stuff that makes things go slightly quicker.  So it’s not just headline features it’s, ‘We’ve saved you some RAM here, we’ve done this in a more efficient way.”

We don’t know about you guys but we fail to see this as anything less than a great idea.  If you’ve got two great games and two great teams, why not join forced for as many things as you can?

“So I mean I think like Steve was saying, you’ve kind of got one and half development teams because you know there’ll be some features we can port across.  The good thing about Ego is it’s so modular and the good thing about us being two completely different studios is we can say, you know, we don’t want that bit but we love this bit. You just kind of factor those things in.”

After reading all of this, we’d like to pose you with a question.  If you could take two games and combine certain components, what games/components would they be?  They don’t have to be from the same genre or developer.  Any two games, it’s all up to you.