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echochrome ii PlayStation Move gameplay videos and impressions [Update]

Submitted by on Monday, 20 September 201011 Comments

In echochrome ii, the PlayStation Move acts as a flashlight. By changing the positioning of the light, you are able to manipulate shadows in your favor. It’s truly a brilliant game.

The video above is from echochrome ii’s lengthy tutorial mode. If you notice any sort of oddities with the music, don’t worry. The video was slightly edited to remove the gameplay portion of the tutorial.

In the original echochrome, you created new pathways by rotating the level to change its perspective. The idea is similar in the sequel but you use shadows instead. By pointing the PlayStation Move at the blocks, you will cast a shadow onto the wall for the mannequin to walk on. Positioning the flashlight so that it creates the ideal path is a lot of fun because it really makes you think outside the box.

Color is used for the first time and it serves as a way to provide visual clues. For instance, whenever you see two yellow blocks next to each other, you’ll know that you can cast a shadow that connects together, assuming you aim the light correctly. By manipulating the shadow of a blue sphere so that it appears over a blue square, you’ll make the goal needed to finish a level. Like the previous game, you’ll have to change the perspective numerous times to solve the more advanced puzzles. Sadly, the demo didn’t provide much of a challenge. It was still incredibly intriguing though.

As you’ll see from the video below, casting light in certain angles will create interesting shadow art that can help you complete a level.

echochrome ii is a very sophisticated puzzle game that cleverly uses the PlayStation Move in a way that never feels forced. What really makes this game shine is that it’s very easy to pick up and play. The full version includes 100 puzzles and the ability to create your own puzzles and share them online. You can even record and upload your gameplay to YouTube if you wanted. echochrome ii is expected to hit the PlayStation Network sometime in September.


Ken Suzuta, the producer of echochrome ii, just informed us that you can play all 100 levels with three different sets of rules. This basically triples the amount of gameplay! Here’s the tweet he sent:

there are 100 levels in full version! and, We have 3 rules. So, You can play 100×3 levels!

Thanks for the update!