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Ferrari The Race Experience announced for PSN; loves itself

Submitted by on Wednesday, 22 September 20109 Comments

You’d better hold onto your hats folks, because here at Attitude Towers we’re proud to bring you news of a “major videogames industry breakthrough.”

Are you excited yet? Well you should be, because Ferrari The Race Experience has just been announced exclusively for the PS3!

Read on to hear more about the title that we think must have the most confident press release we’ve ever seen…

Yes apparently Ferrari The Race Experience is not only “the first ever – and much awaited – digital download of an AAA premium game for PlayStation 3”, but moreover it is a “major videogames industry breakthrough.”

Perhaps not surprising then that it is being seen as “a major coup for its originators, System 3.”

Okay okay – that’s probably enough from the press release for now.

As you can probably tell System 3 are fairly bullish about the game’s prospects, but does it actually sound like it will be any good?

Well to be honest the early signs aren’t great.

Firstly today is the first time we’ve ever heard of the game. This is a pretty bad sign when you consider that its release date is just a week away (29th September).

Then there is the trailer.

It all looks very nice but it doesn’t actually tell us anything, as it doesn’t actually show any gameplay or even any in-game screens.

Purportedly there is more information available on the website, but at time of writing this is just a blank placeholder from Media Temple Web Hosting.

So all that is left is the hyperbole-ridden press release, and even trawling through that doesn’t give us much information.

We know that there will be at least two cars – the 458 Italia and the 599XX – but other than that there’s no clue to how many there will be. We’re also told there will be “additional circuits”, but with no idea of how many or if they will be licensed real-world tracks or not.

The game will also apparently feature “numerous ‘difficulty’ settings” (we have no idea why the word difficulty is in inverted commas and don’t really want to either).

Driving backwards through the gravel trap... could this mean that David Coulthard will be a playable driver?

The only really promising information that we could glean is that there willl be three distinct handling engine settings – assisted, arcade and simulation – which does actually sound rather good.

But at the end of the day probably the biggest clue to how this game will play is that System 3, the terrifyingly titled “originators” of the project, are the same guys responsible for 2008’s Ferrari Challenge Trofeo Pirelli.

That outing scored a fairly respectable 71 on Metacritic and it really isn’t too unreasonable to expect this title to be fairly similar.

So are we excited yet?

Well we’re certainly far less confident than the press release would like us to be – we’re not expecting a world-beating AAA title here.

But the team’s last outing wasn’t half bad and if this game is similar it may do well as a PSN release.

It will set you back £11.99 when it comes out next week, although if you have already brought Ferrari Challenge you can get it for just £9.99 with a redemption code (which presumably should be in the box somewhere).

So will any of you be taking a chance on this one?