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FirstPlay Thursday – Week 25

Submitted by on Thursday, 23 September 20102 Comments

FirstPlay has been with us for a few months now and it’s really starting to get into its stride, with great content appearing every week. But what can you find in this week’s episode?

There are a couple of surprises in this episode. The first is that FirstPlay has a new voice; we were disappointed to begin with, but it only took a couple of videos for us to warm to the new presenter. The second is that the FirstPlay team have finally secured some half-decent content in the Featured Downloads section, including an exclusive avatar and a couple of PlayStation Home t-shirts.

The rest of the content is pretty good too, which includes reviews of Dead Rising 2 and Alien Breed: Impact, previews of Nail’d and Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine, and screenshot galleries of Deus Ex: Human Revolution and Dragon Age II.

As always, this episode can be purchased for 99p, or you can save some money by taking out a 90-day subscription for £8.99.

Download size of Episode 25 = 1107MB

The complete contents of this week’s episode are as follows:

HD Reviews and Previews

Dead Rising 2 review – fantastic slapstick combat and customisation feel at odds with the relatively serious story and strict deadlines for missions – 8/10

Kung Fu Rider review – unfortunately would’ve been better if it was playable with the DualShock – 5/10 – check out the PS3 Attitude review here

Nail’d preview – at first glance this ATV-racer looks a lot like a trick-less version of Black Rock’s Pure, but on closer inspection that might be a little unfair

Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine preview – FirstPlay talk to Relic Entertainment to see how the latest game in the Warhammer series is coming along

Network Highlights

Alien Breed: Impact review – a decent remake of a classic series – 7/10 – check out the PS3 Attitude review here

Best of PSN – a look at what’s been happening on the PlayStation Store

  • Tomb Raider (PSone) – still fun, even if it’s much more blocky than we remember
  • Hitogata Happa – a nice-looking but outrageously hard 2D shoot ‘em up
  • Fly Fu (minis) – it looks ridiculous, but is actually pretty fun

PSP Comics – apparently there are still some people who prefer reading comics to playing videogames… madness!

  • The Unwritten: Issue #5 – the story of Rudyard Kipling is more interesting than you’d think
  • The Last Man: Issue #1 – apparently this free issue will get you hooked
  • Planetary: Issue #6 – a smart conspiracy tale
  • Ex Machina #4: State of Emergency #3 – superheroes meet The West Wing
  • The Infinity Gauntlet: Issue #1 – answering how far a superhero will go to impress a girl (turns out it’s quite far)

LBP Best Levels – it’s levels like these that make us happy all LBP user-generated levels can be played in LBP2 (which is looking great by the way)

Screenshot Galleries

Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood – Rome is so this year’s Venice

Costume Quest – cute lite-RPG from the makers of Brütal Legend

Deus Ex: Human Revolution – could this be the best game in the trilogy?

Dragon Age II – the graphical overhaul means that Dragon Age II is even more epic-looking than the first game

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit – it’s a good job the police have access to super cars too, otherwise escaping from them in these cars wouldn’t exactly be hard

Featured Downloads

  • FirstPlay Dirt 3 Theme (pictured below)
  • FirstPlay Joe Danger Avatar
  • PlayStation Home Top Gun Male T-shirt
  • PlayStation Home Top Gun Female T-shirt

Dirt? Looks more like snow to us

Next Week

  • F1 2010 review

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