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Who’s That Flying?! preview trailer [updated]

Submitted by on Thursday, 23 September 20102 Comments

Who’s That Flying?!. We’re not asking a question, it’s actually the name of a game. WTF?! is the upcoming PlayStation Mini from London-based studio, Mediatonic, set to be released on 12th October. Check out the preview trailer (above).

Players take control of a powerful and mysterious creature called the Guardian of Earth. Boasting a hyper-powered laser arm and steely eye, the Guardian of Light is a hit with the ladies. He’s been keeping Earth safe for generations, but he now has to face a new threat, a massive invasion of Doom Beasts.

“The beating heart ofWho’s That Flying?! is a fast-paced side-scrolling shooter, but we’re also very proud of the world and characters that we’ve created. Every level you play through is actually the Guardian retelling his story to the Galactic Council in an attempt to prove his innocence – with the occasional twist in the tale. We feel it’s an interesting and effective way of bringing together the story and the game mechanic to make both of them feel relevant and more meaningful to the player.” – said Jim Griffiths, writer and designer

WTF?! is Mediatonic’s second Mini. They are also responsible for Monsters (probably) Stole My Princess, another game with a silly title. Despite its minuscule nature, Monsters was a hugely enjoyable retro-platformer and a great example of what the Minis can achieve; it was more moreish than a pack of Skittles – hopefully WTF?! can match its quality.

The latest press release is advertising it as a Mini for the PlayStation Portable but MediaTonic have previously stated that it’s coming to the PlayStation 3. We’ll update this article when we get confirmation.

WTF?! will be available for a measly £3.99, €4.99 and $5.99.

Updated: September 24, 2010

Mediatonic confirm that Who's That Flying?! will be playable on PlayStation 3