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Great PlayStation Move deals at Kmart

Submitted by on Tuesday, 14 September 2010No Comment

PlayStation Move launches in just a few days and you’re most likely trying to find the best offers available. These Kmart deals might be exactly what you’re looking for.

Kmart has been doing a great job with gaming deals lately. Tons of popular video games have been on sale and we’re going to start letting you know about them more often.

Kmart is offering a variety of gaming coupons after every purchase of anything PlayStation Move related. The deal starts on September 17th and lasts until the 23rd.

Here are the offers:

  • $25 gaming coupon with every purchase of a PlayStation Move bundle ($99.99). This bundle includes a PlayStation Move, PlayStation Eye, and Sports Champions.
  • $40 gaming coupon after purchasing a PlayStation 3 Move bundle ($399.99). This bundle includes a 320GB PS3, PlayStation Move, PlayStation Eye, and Sports Champions.

You’ll receive $10 worth of gaming credit after purchasing any of the following PlayStation Move accessories or games:

  • Toy Story 3 – $49.99
  • Start the Party – $39.99
  • Eye Pet – $39.99
  • Kung Fu Rider – $39.99
  • Sport Champions – $39.99
  • PlayStation Move controller – $49.99
  • PlayStation Move Navigation controller – $29.99
  • PlayStation Move charging station – $29.99

These deals are only available in-store. Don’t even bother checking online. It should be noted that you can’t use the gaming coupons right away. They are only redeemable from September 26th through October 23rd.

Our recommendation? The PlayStation Move bundle is the way to go. It includes everything you need and Sports Champions. Should you buy a Navigation controller? It’s not required so it really depends. Can you see yourself using the Dual Shock 3 and the Move controller at the same time for games like Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition? If not, it might be best to get the Navigation controller with the $25 gaming coupon. Considering how the controller is only $29.99, this actually seems like a great idea.

As for the games, it might be best to check out our PlayStation Move reviews that went up today. We didn’t find Kung Fu Rider much fun, but Start the Party provides good times with the family. Currently, Sports Champions is the must-have title if you’re planning on getting PlayStation Move. Thankfully, it’s included with the bundles.

Don’t forget that Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition and Heavy Rain will be patched with Move support. We played RE5 with Move and it worked very well. Be sure to read our impressions.

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