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Kevin Butler advert says ‘Move not just for kids’

Submitted by on Friday, 3 September 201016 Comments

Kevin Butler is awesome.  We know it, you know it and Sony definitely knows it – which is why we keep getting these adverts featuring our favorite VP of everything.  Today we’ve got a new one to show you.

PlayStation Move is very quickly approaching.  In light of that, Sony is appropriately ramping up their marketing campaign. Most recently they unveiled a new advert featuring Kevin Butler, touting that their new motion controller is not just for kids.

The ad displays an epic montage of your everyday family playing PlayStation Move games, but the focus seems to be directed towards adults.

We find it amazing how much Kevin Butler can do with such little face time in any one showing.  It’s actually a great display of just how good Sony can be at marketing when they put their minds to it.

Speaking of Move, did you know we’re giving away a starter kit as part of our Platinum Community Member of the Month promotion?  Let us know in the comments what you think about Move.