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Mafia II – New Jimmy’s Vendetta DLC trailer released

Submitted by on Friday, 3 September 20105 Comments

2K have just released a new trailer for the latest downloadable content pack for Mafia II, entitled ‘Jimmy’s Vendetta’, which will be released next week on the PlayStation Store.

This new content features a standalone story (although you’ll still need a Mafia II game disc to play it), and has you controlling the character of Jimmy in a series of arcade-style missions, and features online leaderboards.

The story continues on from the previous Mafia II DLC, PS3-exclusive The Betrayal of Jimmy, and we don’t want to give away any spoilers here, but it does have the word ‘betrayal’ in the title.

At the beginning of Jimmy’s Vendetta, the titular character finds himself in prison, where he spends his time planning his revenge. From there, it’s all shootouts and car chases, as Jimmy has both the police and the criminals who betrayed him to contend with.

Jimmy’s Vendetta also features ten new PSN trophies to collect, which you can view right now, after you’ve downloaded the recent update. This DLC will be released on the 7th September in North America, and the 8th September in Europe.