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Medal of Honor – ‘High Value Target’ trailer

Submitted by on Thursday, 9 September 20105 Comments

EA have just released the third of their ‘Medal of Honor Experience’ videos, designed to present exactly how Medal of Honor plays. This new trailer is titled ‘High Value Target’, and shows off the game’s online multiplayer.

Fair enough, it’s only two minutes long, but this latest video, as well as other recent footage, shows just how much DICE have improved the game’s online component since the beta finished at the end of July.

The trailer also introduces a mode known as ‘Combat Mission’. Speaking on the EU blog, EA’s Matthew Pruitt outlined the new mode:

“Coalition forces are tasked with clearing five consecutive objectives to win and the insurgents must stop them at any cost. As objectives are cleared, new areas of the map open up to reveal what the coalition must do next. The team health meter represents coalition reinforcements. If it’s depleted before the current objective is cleared, the match ends and coalition forces are stopped.”

There’s no doubt that Medal of Honor is looking strong, but our final judgement on the game will have to wait until it is released on October 12th in North America and October 15th in Europe.