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Pre-order Vanquish get Bayonetta free

Submitted by on Wednesday, 29 September 20106 Comments are running a fantastic deal offering a copy of Bayonetta to customers who pre-order PlatinumGames’ upcoming hit, Vanquish.

The game costs £39.99 to pre-order (£10 less than the RRP) so it already pays to get in early, but to get a copy of Bayonetta on top is a steal.

Bayonetta – aside from featuring the sexiest lead character on the Ps3 – is also one of the most enjoyable games we’ve played this generation. The action if fast and fluent, offering an almost limitless combination of attacks.

Bayonetta’s enemies come in a variety of sizes – from normal, to large, to gigantic; you have to take them all head on. The game is a real challenge but it never feels unfair. It’s welcoming to have our skills stretched because it happens so rarely in this hand-holding era.

Adrenaline fuelled gameplay is also a feature of Vanquish. It’s not your typical cover-shooter: Vanquish encourages gamers to get in the thick of the action. Lead-character Sam skids across the floor in bullet-time as you pick off enemies one-by-one. The battlefields may look a little grey but the sheer number of bullets flying through the air and explosions happening all around certainly livens things up. The demo can be found on the store.

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[source: Eurogamer]