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SEGA reveals changes made to Sonic 4, includes old school level advancement

Submitted by on Thursday, 16 September 20102 Comments

Sonic 4 is slowly becoming more like the classic Sonic games we all loved. That is definitely a good thing.

SEGA just posted a new blog giving fans an update on some of the changes made to Sonic the Hedgehog 4. This is actually the second time SEGA has done this.

Last month SEGA revealed that the infamous minecart level has been redesigned and revamped based on fan feedback. Other changes include improving the balance of the game and minor changes made to Sonic’s run. He now builds up speed and transitions into the blurry feet faster than before. You can read a more detailed explanation of the changes here.

The newly revealed changes mostly relate to capturing the feel of the older games. The first change is the level advancement system. In the older builds of the game you actually had to select the level you wanted to play. Once you finished that level you were thrown back to the zone select screen. SEGA now gives players the option to automatically advance to the next Zone by pressing a button at the end of the stage. This ends up making the game feel a bit more like the classic Sonic titles instead of a fragmented adventure.

A new world map screen has also been added to the game. The map allows you to choose any level to play or replay without having to worry about going through a specific order. SEGA promises that new screenshots of the world map will be shown sometime soon.

The last change is another minor one but it should make fans happy. Remember how Sonic could just blaze right through the end of the stage without stopping? It was awesome and gave you a sense of speed. An invisible wall actually prevented this from occurring in Sonic 4. That wall has now been removed. This is very minor change but it’s one that keeps the game closer to the original titles. Which is good, obviously.

The next Sonic 4 update from the SEGA blog will discuss a major level redesign. Until then, check out the official flickr page for some screenshots. While you’re at it, check out our preview.

Sonic the Hedgehog 4 is expected to release on the PlayStation Network sometime in the fall. We’ll let you know as soon as SEGA announces an actual release date.