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Getting acquainted with the Super Street Fighter IV Chun-Li FightStick

Submitted by on Saturday, 18 September 20103 Comments

Here’s an up close and personal look at the limited edition Chun-Li FightStick from Mad Catz.

By now, you most likely have seen a Mad Catz FightStick. These arcade sticks are ridiculously popular and it’s for a very good reason. They’re amazing.

I just received my Super Street Fighter IV Chun-Li Tournament Edition stick and thought it’d be fun to share some pictures. This is easily the most impressive FightStick I’ve ever laid my eyes on.

First up is the box it comes in. You’ll notice that the design matches Chun-Li’s costume. It’s really snazzy.

Opening the box is an even bigger treat. I’ll admit though, doing this unboxing was surprisingly difficult. This seems more like something you’d prominently display as a collector’s item than actually use. Oh well…

Next, we have the actual stick itself. It’s really a sight to behold. These pictures don’t even come close to capturing the beauty of the design. Everything just stands out so much. It actually looks like it’s in 3D.

The Chun-Li FightStick is part of the Tournament Edition “S” line from Mad Catz. This version has a sleeker design and improved lock functionality.

Just like the previous TE models, there’s convenient compartment on the back that houses the USB cable. No need for tangled wires.

What I really love about this stick is that it feels great. It’s heavy, sturdy, and clearly built with care. The joystick and buttons are the same quality you’d find in an actual Street Fighter IV arcade machine. I’ve used a Standard Edition FightStick in the past and you can certainly tell the difference between the two. The SE stick doesn’t use the same components and feel a bit cheap in comparison. The Tournament Edition FightStick is premium product and that’s immediately apparent once you get your hands on it.

In the future, we’re going to discuss games that work great with an arcade stick. There’s no reason to limit its use to a single genre. Even better, this model can be used on PCs without a problem. Previous PS3 fightsticks didn’t work with certain computers and it appears that Mad Catz found a solution. Expect a full review of the Chun-Li edition FightStick sometime soon.

You can purchase the Super Street Fighter IV Chun-Li FightStick through the Mad Catz website for $159.99. There are only 2000 available for each console so you might want to act fast.