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TGS10; New Gran Turismo 5 features/info

Submitted by on Friday, 17 September 20106 Comments

News out of the Tokyo Game Show has been hot and heavy this week and we’ve been here to bring it to you, step by step – and by we I mean Delriach.  The latest is some juicy pieces of information regarding Gran Turismo 5 and some of its new features.

Let’s dive right in to the good stuff, shall we?

First, Polyphony announced that Gran Turismo 5 will include a dynamic weather system.  When they say dynamic they don’t just means changes in precipitation or temperature, but also changes in pressure and humidity.  You’re going to be able to see these changes in real time and no doubt feel the affects in the way your car handles.  To give you a first hand look at some of this, we’ve included a video at the top of the page.

Another new feature is the addition of special events.  These special events can be found from your home menu and include a variety of cool stuff to do.  The previously announced kart racing will be there, as well as events such as AMD Driving School, Jeff Gordon NASCAR school, a Sebastian Loeb Challenge on dirt tracks, Gran Turismo Rally, and more that have yet to be announced.

The My Home section of Gran Turismo 5 was also touted, along with some new features.  My Home will allow you to manage your messages, join up with your friends via the My Lounge area, manage your photo albums, check out your gifts from other users and more.  What’s more is that you’ll be able to manage your communications in this menu from your web browser.  Polyphony will be launching a section of Gran Turismo’s website specifically for that purpose on November 2.

Speaking of using your web browser for Gran Turismo, sending messages isn’t the only thing you’ll be able to do.  As you’re not doubt aware, GT5 is going to include a B-Spec mode that will allow you manage an AI driver’s career.  Now, with the help of the aforementioned website, you’ll be able to manage your drivers’ info on the go.  You’ll be able to see your drivers position, their time on each section and even see the results of a live race.  Amazing stuff.

Aside from the plethora is information listed above, Polyphony also mentioned that both the Laguna Seca and Trial Mountain tracks are being remade for Gran Turismo 5.  They also noted a few new cars that are coming to GT5, such as the ‘GT’ which is a joint project between Polyphony and Citroen.

We know that’s a whole lot of awesome to take in, but try and gather your thoughts and let us know what you think in the comments.

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