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Time Crisis: Razing Storm PlayStation Move Gameplay Video and Impressions

Submitted by on Monday, 20 September 20107 Comments

Time Crisis: Razing Storm is one of the many demos included in the PlayStation Move bundle pack and we have a gameplay video showing the game in action.

Have our impressions from E3 changed at all or is the new Time Crisis still just a razing bore?

When I played Razing Storm at E3 I was severely disappointed with the gameplay. It just didn’t feel like a Time Crisis game at all. Having played the demo numerous times now, I can say that my feelings still haven’t changed.

The Razing Storm demo is actually different than the one I played at E3. This one takes place completely outdoors and there is far less to do. The criticisms I had during E3 are still intact for the most part. Some enemies still have more life than they should but it’s nowhere near as bad as the robots I had to take down before. These gunfights go by much faster and this results in the game being more enjoyable.

In Razing Storm there is no cover to duck behind like in previous Time Crisis games. Instead, you’re equipped with a shield that functions in the same way. Before you can start shooting people in the face, you need to first hold down the Move button to lower your shield. All you have to do then is pull the trigger. When you need to reload or hide behind your shield, just let go of the Move button. It’s really simple.

The visuals are underwhelming but that’s to be expected. What’s neat about Razing Storm is that nearly everything is destructible. There isn’t much that can’t be torn down by a storm of bullets and that’s pretty rewarding.

What I really dislike about Razing Storm is that the cursor appears on screen at all times. Since you’re equipped with a machine gun throughout most of the demo you can just hold the trigger button and chase enemies mindlessly while following the cross hair. The thrills of precision aiming are long gone and it’s really a shame.

As for the motion control itself, the Move does exactly what it should at all times. I never had issues during any of my playthroughs. There is a calibration tool in the pause menu and you can use that if you feel the need to fix anything.  You can even do an instant recalibration by pressing the select button during gameplay.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get to try the game with the GunCon 3 since I don’t have one. You can also use a standard Dual Shock controller but don’t even bother, the controls are a mess.

Time Crisis: Razing Storm features an arcade mode, a story mode that plays just like a first-person shooter, a seemingly robust online mode, and the arcade versions of Time Crisis 4 and Deadstorm Pirates. It’s difficult to not be impressed by all the content. Time Crisis: Razing Storm releases on October 19th in North America.

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