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New Vanquish screenshots

Submitted by on Monday, 27 September 20102 Comments

No doubt you’re already enjoying the Vanquish demo (it’s on the PlayStation Store), so you’ll know already what the game looks like. Never mind, here is new batch of screenshots for you to enjoy.

Shinji Mikami may utilise a grey space setting – as favoured by more developers than we can remember – but Vanquish looks anything but bland.

The bright lighting and excessive carnage brings to life the dull environments. The screen is filled up by bullet fire, explosions and by the sparks coming off Sam’s boots as he travels incomprehensibly fast along the floor.

The thing that sets Vanquish apart from other shooters is that Sam puts himself into the heart of the battle, willingly throwing himself into hell. That chaos is captured in these screenshots.

What isn’t captured is the in-game HUDs, which have an old-school Japanese flavour about them. They have bold colours and present lots of stats, and pop up windows spontaneously appear to show characters barking instructions at you. Their portraits are displayed in a similar style to the way characters are shown in Metal Gear Solid’s codec screens.

So much is happening at any one time in Vanquish that sadly there is no time to stop and admire the grey pallet… what a shame.