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“3D doesn’t deliver yet” – THQ

Submitted by on Friday, 1 October 201011 Comments

We haven’t had a healthy 3D discussion around here in quite some time.  Now, thanks to THQ, it’s time again to hook this piece of discussion bait and cast it out to you readers.

While THQ isn’t exactly known for being one of the leading developers/publishers in this industry, they’re well respected enough that gamers take notice when they speak.  Especially if it’s about a controversial topic, like the success of 3D.  Maybe 3D is not controversial like the Taliban issue in Medal of Honor but there are a lot folks that have split opinions about the long-term appeal of 3D.

Speaking in the short-term, THQ CEO Brian Farrell doesn’t think it lives up to the hype so far.  While talking with MCV, Brian was rather outspoken about his thoughts on the new style of gaming and how it has failed to deliver as of now.

“3D has to deliver the right experiences to consumers.  It has never been about the technology, it has always been about what we can do with it. And I won’t be convinced until I see a compelling game on the TV screen.”

Brian went on to say that he doesn’t think 3D gaming is a viable option for families, considering that glasses are required for 3D on your television.

“For example, will I see my son downstairs with his friends, playing a multiplayer game, laughing and joking, with those big glasses on? Are we going to have four sets of glasses lying around that don’t get lost or broken? There are just a lot of issues at the moment.  I wonder – for families watching the entertainment or gamers – does 3D deliver today? I don’t think it does.  Not yet.”

While we understand what Brian is saying in regards to family accessibility, we do think that there are good looking games in the very near future that will really push 3D to the gaming crowd.  While games like Killzone 3 and Motorstorm Apocalypse might not appeal to everyone in the house, we think that there are plenty of core gamers out there that will adopt this new visual style over time.

Now for the fun part – we’ll turn it over to you.  We know 3D is a little bit of a touchy subject for some but we want to hear what you think.  Do you think it will work out and be adopted by the masses over time?  Or is this just a cheap gimmick meant to make a quick buck before it burns out?