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DualShock players ‘run circles round Move players’ says Killzone developer

Submitted by on Monday, 4 October 20109 Comments

At the Eurogamer Expo, Steven Ter Heide from Guerrilla games showed off Killzone 3 using Move. With Ter Heide being Guerrilla Games’ Senior Producer, he’s had lots of experience playing the game with Move, and he makes it looks very easy, but he still admits that DualShockers will ‘run circles round Move players.’

The comment was made while discussing the prospect of Move players playing alongside DualShock players online. Guerrilla’s QA testers are well versed with a DualShock controller – they are masters of the device – and because of this they are running rings round the Move players who are still new to the device. It’s necessitated the introduction of some balancing features to make it easier for Move players, features such as aim-assist.

However, this doesn’t rule out Killzone 3 having Movers and DualShockers playing together in the same lobbies. They plan on doing more tests first and they’ll make a decision after viewing the results of the public BETAs .

At the Expo we viewed a number of players struggle when they tried to play SOCOM with Move. They found it very sensitive and they constantly over corrected themselves. I myself, found it awkward at first and I’ve had plenty of experience using the Wii Remote pointer in Nintendo’s shooters.

Nevertheless it wasn’t long before I was popping baddies left, right and centre. Move has the potential to be more effective than a DualShock controller; there’s no doubt you can get across the screen much quicker. Players just need to get used to it.

Ter Heide is excited about the opportunities which Move brings:

“For us it’s opening up the game to a whole new audience which was interesting for us. So as soon as that kind of opportunity came to us we jumped on it… We feel a lot of people are attracted to the way the game looks, but they don’t necessarily pick up the controller and start playing with it because it’s a little bit daunting to get control of. At the same time there is a whole PC gamer audience out there who have always been complaining that the mouse and keyboard are a lot better than an actual DualShock, and the Move is a kind of bridge between that.”

So despite Move players clearly being at a disadvantage right now, there is promise for the future. Ter Heide discussed the need for developers to learn the rules behind developing for Move – to write the book:

“The book hasn’t been written yet. Everybody gets DualShock: press X to jump and if X isn’t jump then the game’s broken. On the Move we still have to invent a lot of these rules. So I am pretty certain that in a year’s time certain rules will have established themselves and the Move control will feel very natural.”

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