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Fallout: New Vegas’ bugs explained

Submitted by on Saturday, 23 October 201015 Comments

Obsidian’s Chris Avellone has been speaking to CVG about Fallout: New Vegas’ many bugs, citing the “sheer expanse” of the game as the reason for them spilling into the retail version.

Bugs are nothing new, and even games with the biggest QA teams will have bugs slip through the net. Yet New Vegas – like Falllout 3 before it – is an exceptional case of a bug ridden game. You won’t have to play for long before finding yourself trapped in the scenery, or something worse happen.

Some amount of leeway has to be given to Obsidian because the game is truly enormous. But how much leeway should we give? Here’s Avellone’s explanation for the bugs and glitches:

“I think when you create a game as large as Fallout 3 or New Vegas you are going to run into issues that even a testing team of 300 won’t spot, so we’re just trying to address those as quickly as possible and so is Bethesda.

It’s kind of like the bugs of the real world – the sheer expanse of what you’re dealing with causes problems… The Bethesda teams are tracking a lot of issues that should be addressed in the patches and we’re also playing the game in our QA department to fix any other issues we can find on our end.

What we do is come on to the forums and make sure that even common issues we spot there we can get testers looking at.”

Obsidian have already announced that a patch is in the works, and we’re glad to hear this, but we fear that Fallout’s reputation has already taken an enormous beating. When this patch does arrive, we suspect it’ll be huge.

[Source: CVG]