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Fallout: New Vegas loaded with bugs and glitches; patch on the way

Submitted by on Thursday, 21 October 201014 Comments

We’ve yet to sink enough time into Fallout: New Vegas to give our own 2 cents on this matter, but if you’ve taken a stroll around the internet recently, you may have noticed a lot gamers groaning about the amount of bugs found in the game.  Luckily, it sounds like help is on the way.

Some of the glitches being reported are enemies getting stuck in the map, A.I. not functioning properly, floating dead bodies and the game just plain crashing from time time.  There’s also been loose talk of corrupt game files but we haven’t read enough about that to really say it’s a common thing.

Hopefully all of you out there aren’t experiencing all of these issues but if you are, have no fear, help is already inbound.  According to Game Informer, Bethesda is already redying patches for all versions of the game to help rectify these problems.  They haven’t given a time table concerning when we can expect the fixes to come, but they make it sound as though it will be soon.

So with that, is anyone playing Fallout: New Vegas yet?  If so, what kind of experience are you having with the game?

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