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GamesAid charities confirmed

Submitted by on Saturday, 23 October 20102 Comments

GamesAid, the UK games industry charity, has selected which five charities will receive a donation of £20,000 each.

The public were asked to vote for the charities that they wanted to receive a donation, and they came out in favour of the following: Action for Kids, Families Need Fathers, SpecialEffect, The Willow Foundation and Volunteer Centre Sutton: MAPS.

The donations are absolutely huge, up 74% on last year, and they will make a huge difference for the charities involved. The size of these donations are also testament to GameAid’s continued growth as the UK games industry charity.

Here’s a rundown of what the five charities do:

Action For Kids (AFK) is a national charity working with children and young people with physical and learning disabilities and their parents and carers. They help transform young lives by removing the barriers to independence.

Families Need Fathers is a social care organisation,  helping parents whose children’s relationship with them is under threat. They offer information, advice and support services for parents on how to do the best for their children. They are the only organisation that provides these services on a national basis. They seek to obtain the best possible blend of both parents in the lives of children; enough for the children to realise that both parents are fully involved in their lives.

SpecialEffect is a charity dedicated to helping ALL young people with disabilities to enjoy computer games. For these children, the majority of computer games are simply too quick or too difficult to play, and we can help them and their parents to find out which games they CAN play, and how to adapt those games that they can’t.

PS3 Attitude has followed SpecialEffect’s work closely. We interviewed its director, Dr. Mick Donegan, back in April.

The Willow Foundation strives to create a unique and unforgettable day that is tailored to the needs and dreams of every beneficiary – that is 16 to 40 year olds suffering a life-threatening condition. He or she chooses exactly what they would like to do on their special day and Willow aims to meet and, wherever possible, exceed their expectations, making the day truly special and memorable.

MAPS is short for Mentoring and Peer Support. Volunteer mentors are matched on a one to one basis with a young person to meet regularly over a one year period. Mentors get to know the young person and value their beliefs and opinions. Mentors also motivate, encourage and advise the young person to: try their hardest to achieve their goals and ambitions, practice effective self management skills, discuss their hopes for the future and increase self belief, and to develop good communication and listening skills

Here are the official responses from the five selected charities:

Lyn Prodger from Action for Kids, a charity that works with children and young people with physical and learning disabilities, said: “We are really excited to be working with GamesAid again this year and would like to thank everyone for their support in terms of funds donated, time spent and the events and activities they organize. The GamesAid grant will make a real difference to the lives of some fantastic and inspirational children and young people”.

Nadja Singh, Director of Fundraising at Families Need Fathers, added: “The donation from GamesAid could not come at a better time for Families Need Fathers. We, as is the case for many charities, await the outcome of the government spending review with apprehension, and anticipate a drastic cut in the services we will be able to deliver. The money from GamesAid, therefore, will ensure that whatever the outcome, parents at the height of their most desperate crisis, when they fear they may never see their children again, will be able to get through to our telephone helpline and be supported in finding a child-centred way forward”.

Bob Wilson, founder of the Willow Foundation, said: “This year the Willow Foundation aims to provide almost 1,400 special days and this generous donation from GamesAid is invaluable to help us achieve this target. Thanks to GamesAid we will be able to make a positive impact, not only on the lives of the young people we help with this funding, but to their loved ones too”.

Adam Knuckey, Manager at MAPS, a mentoring service for vulnerable and marginalised children, added: “MAPS are very excited about the prospect of putting this donation to work, allowing many vulnerable children to have access to specialist mentors, fun activities and key resources to help them develop and achieve more. The award demonstrates the excellence of our committed volunteer mentors who offer time week in, week out to transform lives for the better. We are very proud to be associated with GamesAid and the positive work they are engaged in”.

Dr Mick Donegan Director, SpecialEffect, said “The SpecialEffect charity is dedicated to ensuring that everyone, no matter how severe their disability, can share the camaraderie, challenges and sheer enjoyment that comes from playing computer games. From the word go, no organisation could have supported the charity more enthusiastically that GamesAid. This fantastic donation will enable us to transform the quality of life for some of the most disabled and needy children in the country, whether they are in hospital, at a hospice or recovering from a traumatic injury or illness at home. With GamesAid’s generous support, we’re taking huge strides in making it GameOn for everyone!”

This is a story that the PS3 Attitude team care about. As you should already know, every single penny/cent that is generated on this site ends up going to charity; to GamesAid. So, believe it or not, you (the reader) have contributed to this figure. Every time you click on our site and on our links, you are contributing to our charity kitty. So good on you, and keep it up!

[source: GamesAid]