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Heroes on the Move gets a new name

Submitted by on Monday, 11 October 201012 Comments

Let’s be honest, Heroes on the Move wasn’t exactly the most original title for Sony’s new Move-compatible hero collaboration.  But, somehow or another, they found a way to make it even more boring and generic.

At an exclusive pre-ComicCon event in New York, Nihilistic Software’s, Robert Huebner, confirmed the change of the game’s title to PlayStation Move Heroes.  Riveting, right?

While we think the name is the text equivalent to a physical yawn, the title was never actually finalized to begin with, and we were actually able to see the potential in this.  If PlayStation Move Heroes turns out to be a good game and have great success, this new title puts it in the perfect position to take over Sports Champions as the game the PlayStation Move becomes synonymous with.  Maybe one day they’ll even package it in with starter packs of the PlayStation Move.

We know, we’re getting way ahead of ourselves and let’s face it, if the game is good, no one will give a second thought to what it’s called.  But none the less, we see the opportunity to get some input from you.  Can any of you out there think of a better name for this game?

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