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Magical Drop F and Outlaws of the Lost Dynasty coming to the PSone Import Store

Submitted by on Monday, 4 October 20104 Comments

Two more PSone Classics from Japan are coming to the PSN this week.

A few weeks ago, Sony added the PSone Imports category to the PlayStation Network. Gaia Seed and Cho Aniki were the first two games from Japan released in North America. On October 5th, MonkeyPawGames will be bringing Magical Drop F and Outlaws of the Lost Dynasty to the PSN.

Magical Drop F is very similar to games like Bubble Bobble. Your objective is to match colored bubbles together and make sure they don’t hit the ground, all while trying to take out your opponent. The game features a bunch of cute anime characters and an RPG mode. It’s just too bad that this is a PSone game and won’t have any online functionality.

Outlaws of the Lost Dynasty, also known as Suiko Enbu in Japan, is an obscure 2D fighting game. It looks pretty dated and there doesn’t seem to be any footage from the PlayStation version. That most likely isn’t a good sign. The game’s menus are in English but it’s not like that matters for games in this genre. It should be noted that this is the Japanese version of the game but the publisher is using the localized title to avoid confusion.

Magical Drop F and Outlaws of the Lost Dynasty are games from the now defunct Data East. You can expect these two titles to hit the PSN on October 5th for $5.99.