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New modes and improved matchmaking for Killzone 3

Submitted by on Sunday, 10 October 201015 Comments

Steven Ter Heide of Guerrilla Games was answering questions on Killzone 3 at the Eurogamer Expo last week, and he revealed some interesting news regarding Killzone 3.

He briefly discussed how Guerrilla were looking to improve on Killzone 2’s matchmaking and party systems, and he also revealed some of the new modes we’ll be playing.

Guerrilla have been working on the matchmaking, making sure that you fall into matches with people of the same level as you. They have also implemented a more sophisticated party system.

“you can go with your friends from game-to-game; you stay together. You can join a squad and be in clans, and all that kind of stuff is still there, but there’s now a party system that takes you from game to game.”

The new multi-player modes:

Guerrilla Warfare

Ter Heide says that this has been requested by the Killzone community. It’s a gruelling 24hr team deathmatch. The avid Killzone gamer clearly has an insatiable appetite for team deathmatch.


Operations features story-based objectives. They will have a mission structure with cut-scenes in-between objectives. The cut scenes will actually feature you: “Your names, Your gamer-tags and everything, they will all be present right there. You’re the star in you’re own Killzone multi-player game.”

‘Lean & Peak’ is still not available on multi-player, and Ter Heide gave us a reason for its omission. The short answer is this: they have extensively tested it and they believe it slows the game down too much. As Killzone’s multi-player runs at such a high speed lean & peak isn’t of much value.

To view the Q&A session in full, visit PS3 Attitude TV.