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Namco working on patch to fix Enslaved’s 5:1 surround issues

Submitted by on Monday, 18 October 20102 Comments

How’s the sound on your copy of Enslaved? Is it good or is there something missing, maybe the surround? Your answer to this will depend on how you have your consoleĀ  connected to your surround system. It appears that Enslaved doesn’t support 5:1 surround for users who connect their PlayStation 3 to their sound system via an optical cable. Instead the game will only output in stereo. You should be fine if you’re connected with an HDMI cable.

It’s an odd error this one, and certainly not one which we normally come across. Either Namco were sloppy or they were very unfortunate to be the only company to have been caught making this mistake. However, these things happen and, according to Joystiq, a fix is currently being made which will arrive around the same time as the DLC:

“[The update] will be ready around the same time as the paid DLC, which will be available within the next couple of months. Details on that DLC will be announced soon.”

Obviously it’s good to hear that Namco will resolve the issue, but you have to wonder if there will be many people still playing the game in a couple of months. The majority of players are playing through it now, in stereo, and it’s unlikely that they’ll revisit it. Or is this all part of a cunning plan? Withhold 5:1 surround for now so players get the urge to play through again once Namco release the patch. hmmm…