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PS3 Attitude’s PlayTime for September

Submitted by on Monday, 4 October 201018 Comments

Have you ever stopped and wondered what it is that the staff of PS3 Attitude plays when they’re not delivering you some of the best PlayStation 3 news coverage on the web?… no?… anyone?… well too bad, because we’re about to show you anyway!

Below you’ll find a nifty little graph that collectively shows what the PS3 Attitude team played the most during the month of September.

One of our resident Call of Duty players, Danny_D, single-handedly made sure that Modern Warfare 2 made the top of the list.  Behind that was Assassin’s Creed II, which was propelled to the second position by a couple of staff members who were just now getting around to playing it.  Rounding out the top three was Sports Champions, which a good number of staff members were playing in September.  Speaking of Sports Champions, if you still haven’t checked out our review for it, the PlayStation Move and a few other launch titles, you can do so here.  Click the picture for a larger image of the graph.

In case you’re just madly in love with one specific member of the PS3 Attitude clan, you can view individual stats for the majority of staff below.

So that’s what we did last month.  Rather than pass off our play time on you and waltz away like the stuck-up true celebrities that we really are, we’d like to ask what you played last month.  What was the title, how long do you think you played it and what were your experiences like?  We look forward to reading about your gaming sessions.

Until next month, stay frosty… or some other generic closing line.