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Sony post second quarter profits for PlayStation division

Submitted by on Saturday, 30 October 20102 Comments

Sony has posted a ¥6.9 billion ($85.5m / £53.7m) operating profit for their Networked Product and Services division (which includes all PlayStation products) for the second quarter of the financial year, a significant improvement on the ¥59 billion ($731m / £458m) loss for the same period last year.

The period saw significant reductions in hardware costs, increased PlayStation 3 sales (3.5 million units, up from 3.2 million), the successful release of PlayStation Move and improved PC sales; these are said to be the main driving forces behind the turnaround.

However, it wasn’t all rosy, the game sales category posted a 12.9% drop in sales, ¥171 billion ($2.1bn / £1.3bn) compared to ¥196 billion ($2.4bn) for the same quarter last year. This is despite PlayStation 3 software sales rising from 23.9 million to 35.3 million units.

Poor sales for both the PSP and PlayStation 2 were behind the drop: PSP game sales fell from 13 million to 11 million units, while PlayStation 2 software sales had an even more dramatic fall, with only 5.6 million units being shifted compared to 11.4 million.

Hardware sales for the PSP were also poor, with a 50% drop in sales – that is 1.5 million units down from 3 million. It sold as much as the ten year-old PlayStation 2, which was down to 1.5 million from 1.9 million.

Despite the poor showing for both the PSP and PlayStation 2, these are very positive results for Sony’s NPS division; it’s had some pretty horrendous results in recent years, so to post a rise in profits is a big thing for them. They will also be happy to see the PlayStation 3 continue to prove that it can be profitable. This was difficult to imagine in previous years.

These results are also reflective of Sony as a whole. The entire Sony Corporation recording a profit of ¥62.7 billion ($777.1m / £487.7m) for the period, which is a significant increase over the ¥26.3 billion loss they posted for the same period last year. Operating income was at ¥68.7 billion ($582.6m / £535.3m), up from a ¥32.6 billion loss ($404.6m / £254m).

So what’s your thoughts? Too many numbers?