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Square Enix has long-term plans for Deus Ex

Submitted by on Saturday, 23 October 20104 Comments

When Deus Ex: Human Revolution gets released in early 2011, it will become only the third game in the franchise’s ten year history. However, we suspect we’ll be seeing more Deus Ex over the next decade after Square Enix’s President and CEO, Yoichi Wada, told MCV that the company expects to be making a profit from the franchise for the next ten years.

Since acquiring Eidos last year, Square Enix have gained access to a number of successful IPs, and in recent months they have had strong sales for both Just Cause 2 and Kane & Lynch 2. Yet, the franchise that Wada wants to talk about is Deus Ex:

“We have dozens of IPs, some of which we wish to build into franchises. Deus Ex 3, for example, is something we are trying to revive… We want to keep on producing profit from that IP for the next ten years.”

When the words “franchise” and “Square Enix” are mentioned in the same sentence we instantly think of the publisher’s main asset, Final Fantasy. The fictional world of Deus Ex is rich and has great scope for lots of games, however, we can hardly imagine the series becoming like Final Fantasy – which has more spin-offs and sequels than we can keep up with.

The Final Fantasy brand has been taking a bashing from several quarters in recent times, but Wada is still confident that they have a winning IP:

“Final Fantasy has always been a bread-earner for us… It has always been profitable. Of course, we would like to be expanding on those two key IPs [Final Fantasy and Deus Ex], and others that are very strong to us. We would like Final Fantasy to continue as long as there are the customers who support Final Fantasy.”

There’s no doubt that Final Fantasy still has its fans: Final Fantasy XIII has been one of the biggest sellers of 2010. It shifted one million copies on the day of its release in Japan, proving that a proper Final Fantasy release is still a major event.

The acquisition of Eidos has taken the pressure off the Final Fantasy franchise. Prior to that, they looked like a company that relied on it too much. Now with a revitalised Tomb Raider – The Guardian of Light received favourable reviews – and with Deus Ex: Human Revolution on the way, you can see that Square Enix’s portfolio looks more varied and exciting. Suddenly, their aim to be one of the top three publishers in the world isn’t as mad as it had initially seemed.

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[Source: MCVUK]