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PS3 Attitude’s tips for getting your Move on with MAG

Submitted by on Saturday, 2 October 201014 Comments

If you just picked up the PlayStation Move and are ready to give MAG’s 2.0 patch a go, you could probably use some tips before diving in to the action.  We here at PS3 Attitude are ready and willing to bring them to you, so come on and check it out.

First off, we’d like to put our disclaimer on this information:  These are things that worked for us personally.  This does not mean that this advice is going to work for you, especially the position we recommend holding your controllers in.  With that out of the way, let’s get it on.

Proper Calibration and Comfort Mean Everything

One of the first things you should do is properly calibrate your controller.  This can take some work and it took us several attempts throughout our time with MAG to find the perfect spot.  The biggest tip we can give you is to find a comfortable position.  Standing up is probably not the best way to play.  Just find whatever position is the most comfortable for you personally and go with that while calibrating.

Second, when you calibrate and it asks you to point the controller at the center of your screen, don’t actually lift your arm and point.  Instead, find a good ‘home’ position.  The position your body returns to when you’re not gunning people down and use that as a starting point.  For us, we found that the more relaxed we were while playing, the more accurate we were, so try a few different positions with your controllers until you come up with what works best.

Be aware of your surroundings on the Battlefield

This saying goes with just about any game but it’s especially true when you are playing MAG with the Move.  You can be fairly accurate with the Move so long as you know where your enemies are coming from.  With that in mind, do not run out in to a big open area, because doing a quick 180 or even turning 90 degrees takes longer and is more difficult with the Move than a standard controller.  Try and look for corridors and areas of the map where you can keep all the action in front of you.  Find spots on the map that you are comfortable and familiar with, and stick with those.

MAG has an aim assist when playing with the Move, so take advantage of it

When playing with the Move, one of the advantages you’ll have over your opponents playing with a standard controller is an aim assist.  It’ll take a few matches for you to figure out how to use it to your advantage but just keep in mind that it’s there when playing.  Depending on the distance between you and your enemy, the aim assist will help you stay targeted on an enemy that is moving.  So try to keep from over-compensating when chasing him with the reticule.  Keep it as close to the enemy as you can, and the aim assist will help with the rest.

Remember, it’s your wrist doing the aiming, not your thumb

Just like you keep your thumb resting on the analog stick with a traditional controller, you need to keep your wrist resting in a comfortable spot while playing, too.  We’ve included a few pics below for what we thought was the best way to hold the controller.

Aiming like this will not only block part of the screen from your view, but it will also make your arm feel like it's going to fall off after about 10 minutes.

This is better than the position above, but it's still not ideal. Notice that this d-bag's wrist is not properly supported. This causes a lack in accuracy and a sore wrist after a long session of play.

This was the perfect position for us. It not only kept our wrists nice and stable for aiming but it also kept them from slumping or becoming sore during a long game.

We found that resting our wrist on our leg not only helped keep the controller more stable while aiming but it kept our wrists from getting tired during long sessions of play.

Persistence is key

If you’re anything like us here at the Attitude Towers, you hurl a lot of expletives at the TV while playing.  That will probably be even worse when playing MAG with the Move for the first time.  Remember, this is an entirely new way to play games that most of you may have never tried before.  Even if you’re a MAG veteran, you’re basically learning how to play the game for the first time again.  We found playing MAG with the Move to be good fun but it takes a lot of matches to really become comfortable with it.  Stick with it and give yourself a fair chance to learn and have some success before dismissing it out of frustration.  If it helps you at all, after some serious play time we were having good matches and properly contributing to our team.

We hope you find these pointers useful and can have some fun with the Move.  If you’d like to add any of your own from your experiences, please feel free to do so in the comments.

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