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Blokus Hands-on – The PS3 Attitude Preview

Submitted by on Sunday, 14 November 2010One Comment

On Wednesday, we were given the chance to play Modern Combat Domination, Dungeon Hunter Alliance and Blokus; all made by Gameloft which, up until now, has focused on mobile gaming. So how do their first console entries fare? Lets find out.

The final game we were shown was a brightly-coloured puzzler called Blokus. Featuring online and local multiplayer, as well as Move support, this game is set to launch in December.

Based off the board-game of the same name, Blokus is a puzzler like any other. You start off with a number of predefined blocks in different shapes, and its your job to place as many blocks on the grid as possible, while blocking off the other players and preventing them from placing as many blocks.

"So. Much. Pink."

There’s a catch though, which is confusing at first, after countless years playing Tetris; you can’t place your blocks with the sides touching each other; only the corners are allowed to touch. It does make for some interesting gameplay, but we soon felt frustration at not being able to place a piece in smaller areas.

The Move support also works as expected; point at where you want to place the block, rotate and flip to fit, and place with the Move button. It feels smooth, simple and easy to use; and it’s nice to see the Move being implemented like this in a PSN game.

"Quite. A lot. Of Green."

Another nice feature is a colourblind mode. Normally, each player would have a differently coloured set of blocks, but with colourblind mode, icons are added to the blocks so you still know who owns what.

To top it all off, you get your own customisable avatar. Similar to the Wii Mii’s and Xbox avatar characters, they sit to the side of the screen reminding you of what you look like, provided you actually made it look like you.

"Quite. A mix. Of various colours."

While this puzzler is fun and very addictive to play, we can see this getting a bit lost among all the other puzzle games on the PSN. PSP compatibility is sorely missing, which seems perfect for a game like this. However, Blokus is polished, sleek and intuitive and you’ll most certainly be getting your money’s worth if you decide to pick it up this December.

What do you think? Like the look of Blokus or think there are too many puzzlers on PSN? Post your thoughts below!