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DiRT 3 Developer Diary 1

Submitted by on Monday, 15 November 20106 Comments

In case you weren’t around towards the end of 2009, we’ll tell you that we absolutely loved DiRT 2.  There are very few members of the PS3 Attitude team that aren’t big rally fans, so this franchise has always been big around here.  When DiRT 3 was announced, we were giddy with excitement and now that more information is starting to come in, we can hardly contain ourselves.

We’ve got the first in what we expect to be a series of developer diaries for you today, so kick back and have a watch as some of the developers behind DiRT 3 talk about their ambitions this time around, as well as answer some questions raised by the fans.  Per usual, we’ll let the video do the talking but some of the things you can expect to see in the video below are racing footage, interviews with the developers and solid answers to some big questions surrounding the setting, cars and tracks in DiRT 3.

Sorry, no preorder links are available at this time but check back at a article and we’ll be sure to have them.