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Gran Turismo 5 is finished; pigs seen flying

Submitted by on Wednesday, 3 November 20108 Comments

Hold the phone.  If there’s not a phone around, then hold something that looks like a phone.  Big news has come in concerning Gran Turismo 5 and it’s something we’ve all been waiting for.  Something really big.  Is it a release date?  No, but it could very well give us a window for when we can expect Gran Turismo 5 to hit shelves.

Every racing fan’s heart sank to their feet when we recently heard the news that Gran Turismo 5 was going to miss its target release month of November.  Without a firm release date announced along with the delay, the questions started to rise about when we were finally going to see it.

Well, we still don’t know exactly when that is but we do know that it can’t be far off.  Why?  Because… ladies and gentlemen, Gran Turismo 5 is finished.  By finished we mean it’s been sent off to the manufacturer so they can create millions and millions of game discs and instruction manuals.  The word came via Kazunori Yamauchi himself when he told the on-line publication jalopnik “the discs are being stamped as we speak.”

Huge news but what does it mean?  For starters, you can probably bank on an announcement from Sony regarding the release date very soon.  Second, it seems perfectly feasible that GT5 will hit the market before Christmas.  Most games go gold just 4-6 weeks before their launch date and we have no idea how long the game has actually been finished.  Seeing an early December release should not only be possible but with no other big games coming out in December, it could be a great launch window for Sony and Polyphony both.

We’ll keep you up to date as soon as we hear more.  In the meantime, let your excitement lead you to do something hasty, like preorder via one of the links below!

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