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GT5 Week; PSP users are GO!

Submitted by on Wednesday, 24 November 20104 Comments

Gran Turismo 5 is released today, and portable racing fans are storming into the lead. One of the game’s neatest features is the ability to transfer car data from Gran Turismo Portable, making those pint-sized cars available in the big game – they get bigger. So, if you ploughed hours into the PSP version, why not take advantage of your library of over 800 cars and get a head-start on the rest?

It’s simple to do: connect the PSP to your PlayStation 3, via a USB cable, and head over to the options menu, and from here you will find the option to “Import Gran Turismo for the PSP system Car Collection data”. Select this option and, huzzah, you will now have a much bigger library. Admittedly, the models will be the less pretty Standard Cars rather than the supremely sexy Premium Cars, but it’s still worth doing. The full list of PSP cars can be viewed from here.

Back at E3 2009, Kazunori Yamauchi explained to Gamespot the thinking behind this:

“I’m hoping to make it so that the cars you get in the game are your cars. So even when the system changes – whether it be from PSP to GT5 and even future renditions of GT6 and so  on – if we can carry over those cars as your cars, as something you own, even if the system changes, you can keep it.”

They are your cars as Yamauchi-san explains, so you may as well enjoy them!