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New Homefront screens hit the web

Submitted by on Monday, 15 November 20104 Comments

Homefront is a game that – for us – has been the complete polar opposite of a game like DC Universe that we talked about in the article below.  There have been a fair amount of details that have leaked about Homefront and what it’s all about.  Those details and the minor amount of gameplay footage we’ve seen so far have us very excited.

In case you’re not too sure what Homefront is all about, we’ll give you a quick run down.  Set in the year 2027, Homefront is a first person shooter (surprise surprise) with a bit of a controversial plot.  As time progresses past the current, Korea slowly but surely gains enough power to attack the United States and seize control of Hawaii and parts of the West Coast.

The United States economy and military has almost completely collapsed, which is making it difficult for them to defend their own soil.  Shortly after Korean forces take over San Fransisco, the game begins.  As you can imagine, it’s your job to help push them out and regain control of your home country.

Homefront is using a piece of the Frontlines: Fuel of War engine, which is not entirely a bad thing – depending on who you ask.  It is being developed by Kaos Studios and published by THQ.

We here at the PS3 Attitude love these alternate reality scenarios where unthinkable things happen.  Games like Resistance have successfully pulled it off but we’re not too quick to forget titles such a Turning Point that failed miserably.  We like the setting and plot of Homefront and even its main punchline is gripping.  “Home is where the war is.”

Have a look at some of the screens below and let us know what you think.  Is this just another multiplatform shooter or could this be something bigger and better?

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