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Medal of Honor DLC: Hot Zone impressions

Submitted by on Friday, 5 November 201013 Comments

EA has recently released two new multiplayer modes for Medal of Honor, appropriately called Clean Sweep and Hot Zone. The former is a freebie, but the latter, which we’ll describe in more depth, will set you back $9.99.

Clean Sweep is an elimination match where “players must rely on their own skills and teammates’ expertise to prevail as the winning team.” It’s last man standing so don’t go rushing recklessly into trouble, otherwise you’ll be a spectator for the rest of the round. Clean Sweep will be playable on two new maps Bagram Hanger and Khyler Caves, as well as redesigned versions of Shaikhot Base and Helmand Valley Base.

Hot Zone is the one that EA is excited about. It’s classic King of the Hill gameplay: you take control of a designated area and keep control of it. The team that secures the area for the longest wins. The mode is playable across two new maps, the Hindukush Pass and Korengal Outpost. Players can also play Hot Zone on redesigned versions of the Shahikot Mountains and Helmand Valley maps.

We’ve been playing Hot Zone and it’s every bit as lethal as the trailer (view above) suggests it to be. We were getting by just fine on the new maps; that is, we were fine as long as we had control of the hot zone area. We played smart, as a team, watched our angles and kept ourselves tight.

It was a different matter altogether once we lost it and had to figure out how to reclaim it. Both maps are littered with bottlenecks – it’s easy to see why Americans call Korengal “The Valley of Death” – and its suicide trying to force your way through these corridor sections. They became the dumping ground for our dead soldiers who naively tried to barge their way through (us included!). This just makes it all the more thrilling when you do overturn the balance of play, and it makes you more desperate to keep hold of the hot zone.

Hot Zone’s frantic killfests are a welcome addition to Medal of Honor. Suddenly with the arrival of this DLC, Medal of Honor’s multiplayer no longer feels quite so light.

Hot Zone

Clean Sweep