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The Move is moving fast; 4.1 million units worlwide

Submitted by on Tuesday, 30 November 201010 Comments

Fresh off the heals of one of the biggest shopping days of the year and immediately after a similar report out of the Microsoft camp, Sony has announced how many units the Move has sold worldwide so far.  Seeing a number this large has to please Sony, as they went on record a while back saying that they expect Move to sell like the Eye Toy did back in the PlayStation 2 days.  If it keeps up at this pace, it will shatter those figures.

Granted, we’re sure the holiday shopping rush has a lot to do with this surprisingly large number, and some question has been raised about the validity of these numbers.  Personally, we’re inclined to believe the manufacturer over some half-baked analytical sales site that doesn’t even have a proper source, but we digress.

Even if it’s only 4.1 million units shipped to retail, it’s still pretty damn impressive.  Add-on hardware like the Move doesn’t traditionally catch on, so it’s encouraging to see the Move fly so high, even if it is early in its life cycle.

So with that, we’ll turn it over to you.  What do you think of the Move so far?  What is your favorite Move-enabled game and what Move title are you looking forward to the most?

If you’ve yet to see the light of the glowing ball, you can pick up the Move starter bundle via one of the links below.

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