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NBA Elite 11 cancelled

Submitted by on Wednesday, 3 November 20103 Comments

Unlike our Gran Turismo 5 news, you don’t have to hold anything for this.  No, this news is not exactly unexpected but it is unfortunate.  It seems the second of the two major basketball titles, NBA Elite 11, has been officially canceled this year.

During a recent investors call, EA officially announced that NBA Elite 11 has bitten the dust.  The cancellation comes just after the release of the bug-ridden demo that lit up YouTube like a Christmas Tree with all those glitch videos.  It seems now that the series will change hands and move on EA Tiburon – the current developer behind the Madden series.  Probably a good move when you consider the success Madden has had.

We know, there’s not a lot of NBA or basketball fans that read this site but we saw an opportunity in this news.  Opportunity for discussion.  If a game that came out on a very regular basis had an iteration canceled, would that at all affect your outlook on the franchise as a whole, or the next installment of the series?  We personally think this is only going to make things more difficult for EA and their new basketball franchise but it will ultimately be up to the consumer to decide its fate.  So… what do you ‘the consumer’ think?

This is usually the part where we offer up purchase links, but it’s kind of hard to buy a game that’s not coming out… hmmm… say, you know what basketball franchise didn’t face a cancellation?  The NBA2K series.  You can purchase their latest game below.

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