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PS3 Attitude’s Platinum Community Member of the Month – November

Submitted by on Tuesday, 2 November 201058 Comments

We’re still a few days away from announcing the winners of our October contest but just as we did last month, we’re still going roll out the November prizes and tell you what you can win.  So if you’re the type that likes receiving awesome stuff just for talking about video games, by all means, come check out what we’ve got for you this time around!

We’re not going to harp on this subject a lot in fear of sounding like a broken record but you’ve guys have been fantastic, yet again this month.  We’re seeing more and more new gamers head to the comments section of each article and let their voice be heard and while they’re not always willing to push 5 comments a day like some of our regulars, it’s a sign of the community growth we had in mind when starting this contest.  Thanks again!

We’re trying something a little different this month when it comes to the prizes.  Up until now, we’ve always tried to give out a few big games that were coming out the month following the contest.  As you may have noticed, there’s not much coming in December.  So instead, we’re going to do a ‘great games you may have missed’ theme this time.

Check below for the full list of titles we’re giving away:

Darksiders was one of our favorite titles of the first quarter and it's unfortunate that it went unnoticed by so many gamers.

Looking for the over the top action with a hot female lead character? Bayonetta is your answer. Click the pic to see our review.

The on-line only functionality may have scared a lot of gamers away but you can wipe those fears from your head. There's a fantastic multiplayer shooter to be had here. Click the pic to see our review.

The sequel to a former game of the year winner and one of the most atmospheric games you'll play. Step in to the shoes of a Big Daddy and wreak havoc on Rapture!

A fun arcade racer and one of the games we used to hold us over until Gran Turismo 5 comes out. Other racers aside, this is still fantastic game to have in your collection. Click the pic to see our review.

One of Activision's biggest failures this year was their lack of support for Singularity. While it's not a game of the year competitor, Singularity is still a fantastic first-person shooter. Click the pic to see our review.

Zombies? Check. Crazy weapons? Check. Angry looking lead characters? Check. If you like killing the undead in as many ways as possible, Dead Rising 2 is the game for you. Click the pic to see our review.

It's no Call of Duty or Battlefield but Medal of Honor is a decent shooter that comes with a Battlefield 3 beta key. Click the pic to see our review.

Nice, eh?  We’re only giving one title to each person so there will be eight different winners this month that will take home prizes.  If you don’t fancy any of those titles, then you’re still in luck.  We have a couple of PSN cards to give away in place of those games, but making the swap will depend on where you place and what games are still available to you.

To close, we’d like to thank you guys one more time for all the great contributions you’ve brought to the site.  We keep the contest going out of our own pockets because we’re so impressed with what you bring to the table at the end of each article.  Keep up the great work and look for the October winner’s article at the end of the week.