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PS3 Attitude’s Platinum Community Member of the Month – October Results

Submitted by on Monday, 8 November 201029 Comments

Another month of fantastic competition has passed and the time has come once again to name our Platinum Community Members of the Month!  So who were the top dogs for October?  Come on in and we’ll tell you.

Before we dig in to who the winners are, we’d like to thank everyone once again for your support and commitment.  This promotion has been a smashing success since its conception and we have you to thank for that.  The number of comments we’re getting is all good and fine but it’s the quality of the conversations we’re seeing that really make up happy.  We’re truly building a solid community here at PS3 Attitude and that begins and ends with you.  Thanks again!

Right, so on to those winners.  Coming in first place for the month of October was FurryFreak. FurryFreak is a prime example of what we’re looking for with this contest.  While not exactly a slouch when it comes to commenting (averaging about one a day) FurryFreak is not one of the top contributors when it comes to the total number of comments.  Yet, every time he/she leaves their opinion, it stands out.  Just one example of this is the comment left on the Sonic Adventure Review article that you’ll see below.

I look forward to reading it, but from the demo my expectations are not high. Controlling Sonic just did not feel right at all; from his sluggish acceleration, and the fact that he doesn’t remain in a ball when rolling off from jumps, all the control just felt awkward. I’m very disappointed, but I may still by it down the road…at the right price of course.

I’m glad I’ve had the chance to read this review though, as I never had chance to play this originally, and part of me was leaning towards giving it a try. I won’t be wasting my money now. Cheers Delriach!

Moving on to second place, we have ThatBoyTim. Tim maintains the perfect balance of leaving good, quality comments without spamming every article just to get his name out there.  We appreciate those that have an opinion about everything we write but it’s the folks that comment a little less and still manage to stand out that really impress.  ThatBoyTim is a shining example.  Below is just one piece of his opinionated prowess.  This comment was left on the PlayStation Rewards article.

Sounds OK, but the only way to reap rewards – just like airmiles, store loyalty points etc – is to spend money!

This might sound generous but Sony is running a business and this is another way for them to generate income. Yes its nice to be recognised for your purchases and loyalty but big prizes will require you to spend a lot of cash – I can’t see them flying me to Las Vegas anytime soon!

Sorry but I am feeling ill and a little cynical this morning – I will get excited once the Beta phase is over and they announce it to the UK with details of how you earn points.

Last but certainly not least, we have NewWorldSaint. Saint is fairly new to the site but has hit the ground running.  While he’s not exactly spamming, you can count on seeing a comment from Saint in just about every article.  Saint once tried to claim he had no idea this contest was running… but we’re not sure we believe him.  Regardless, all those awesome comments have landed Saint in the third spot for October.  Below is an example of Saint’s commenting awesomeness.  This comment was left under one the Brink Diaries.

I liked the custumization of Brink it looks pretty sweet, along with the system that allows the player to travel over all obsticals in the enviroment. The story seems a little shallow if you ask me, but this is based on very little judgement. I don’t know if they will convert me from single player games lol.

I find much more enjoyment in playing an epic story (Castlevania, God of War, Mafia 2) than playing multiplayer, although getting a nice little t-bag after you quickscope another player is very rewarding.

Time to move on to the Honorable Mentions.  First and foremost, we have to give a very deserving nod to our winners from last month. Patsfan365, Argetlam350 and TheSam903. These three continue to be a prime example of how our community has grown and we have them to thank for a big portion of that.

Next, we’d like to acknowledge a few of our other readers that made this such a tough decision.  Long time members Axe99 and Vicheous were back in force once again.  The great thing about these guys is that they were around leaving comment after comment before we had a contest that rewarded them for doing so.

Last, we’d like to point out Cheep, Jimsmells, and Jockhotty – Another group of characters that you can count on seeing pretty often, offering their 2 cents.

To close, we’d like to thank you once again for everything you’ve done for us.  The thing that makes this contest so great is not only all the people that comment but how nice everyone is and how great everyone communicates with each other.  We rarely have to step in and halt a conversation because it’s becoming too heated and it’s mainly due to how well everyone speaks their mind and how accepting they are of other’s opinions.

Truly another fantastic month.  If you didn’t make it in to the winners circle this time, have no fear, there’s already another contest under way for November.  In case you missed it, you can check out the details here.  We also want to make a quick note that we’ve added a prize for the November contest.  We’ll also be giving away a copy of James Bond 007: Blood Stone.  For those keeping track, that’s nine prizes we’ll be handing out for November.  So get down to the comments section and make your case for why we should pick you!