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Play Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood at HMV Gamerbase stores

Submitted by on Thursday, 11 November 201014 Comments

Can’t wait for Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood? Would you like early access to the game’s multiplayer? If your curiosity is piqued by those questions, you’ll be interested to know that Ubisoft is teaming up with HMV, to have the full multiplayer mode available to play at all of their Gamerbase stores from Monday 15th November. That’s a whole week before its release.

To gain access to this event, HMV stipulate that you must either have pre-ordered the game through them or have credit on your Gamerbase account. If you meet one of these requirements, the event is absolutely free.

A midnight launch event will also be hosted at Gamerbase stores throughout the UK. On the 18th November gamers will be able to play the singleplayer story mode from 9pm until midnight, at which point they’ll usher you (in a nice way) to the checkout. There will also be a few Assassin’s Creed prizes up for grabs.

The fun doesn’t end there. From the 19th to the 25th of November, gamers will be able to play Brotherhood in its entirety for free. You can’t knock that.

HMV remind gamers not to forget their memory cards. We contacted them to clarify if a USB stick would be suffice, to which they said “yes”. Did they mean these memory cards (see below)? If so, we don’t know where we left ours.

HMV has Gamerbase stores in London, Manchester, Glasgow, Reading and Edinburgh. More details can be found over at the Gamerbase website.

If you plan to pre-order Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood, please consider using the link provided below – by doing so you will be contributing to the PS3 Attitude charity fund.

Pre-order Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood (HMV)